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The blade housing is big. Includes Today's Best Offers email. I thought that was pretty lame. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Hold the cup firmly with one hand, and slowly loosen or tighten the blade. Notify me of new comments via email. Hip2Save Behind the Scenes.

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Doesn't take up much counter space. For anyone complaining that its loud Keep an eye out for sales. By Marjorie Roswell on May 20, I was excited to get this product. I've been using the regular Nutribullet for years, which does a great job on salad dressings, but balks at making "Nice Cream" with frozen bananas, soy milk, walnuts, dates, and cocoa powder. It didn't do any better than the standard Nutribullet. I have small-ish hands.

I can reach a whole scale on the piano, for instance. It's just a big blade top, and it turns with a lot of friction. It didn't tear it up, so I tried it again. It couldn't hold water. I thought I had gotten one dud, and the second one would be the charm.

I found the second one just as hard to screw on, and though the gasket didn't unseat, the blender has never once held water, or broth, or soy milk, or whatever I try to put in there. The thing is useless. I did make a soup once that I didn't like , and on the soup container it held the liquid successfully. But it was noisy. I tried again with the smaller container, tried reseating the gasket, and feared cutting my fingers on the blade while doing battle with getting it to lie flat. The gasket is so dark, it's hard to see I was excited that the marketing for this product focused on healthy, whole foods.

This product was supposed to be the right product for me, but I can't even give it away. I wouldn't give away something that works this badly. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Size: There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By Matt J on May 8, I originally wrote a horrible 1 star review of this product, but have since had a change of heart. I have had my NBRX for about a year. I have used it maybe 5 times max. The other day I decided to make a smoothie and well, the blender exploded! Apparently, the rubber gasket ring got sucked into the blender as it was going. I had read this was an issue previously online, so I am extra careful and always check to make sure the ring is secure in the blender bottom Just goes to show it doesn't matter how careful you are, this is a flaw in its design!

I went to the Nurtibullet website and registered a complaint. They called me the very next day. The CS rep was very nice and apologetic I was so impressed by the CS I received, that it caused me to change my review to a 4 star rating Hopefully I won't have any further issues with it, but it seems that they are a company that stand behind their products.

By eLM on October 5, The Nutribullet Rx is great. I've used it every single day at least twice for a month. The rubber gasket has never come out once. I was so satisfied with the product initially, I wanted to see what other people were saying and came on Amazon to read reviews.

Everyone was complaining about a seal coming loose and wrapping around the blades or falling out etc. I thought surely this many people can't be wrong! So I did a little investigating and figured out what the problem is. When you remove the blade housing from the cup, you are supposed to use the Blade Removal Tool that comes with the product. It is labeled in the instruction booklet as Blade Removal Tool. I understood instantly what this was for and used it from day 1. Never had a problem.

Some people didn't get it though, and they were very quick to rate this machine 1 star. I responded to those people in my original review and I was super condescending about it. I then read another review where they mentioned that the absolute necessity of using the BRT should be mentioned more and maybe closer to the front of the manual, and maybe in a bigger font or something. That's correct- it should. If only for the hassle involved in waiting for a new seal, if you're one of the ones that dove right in without thinking about it for a sec.

That's a little more diplomatic way of looking at it. SO, rather than be a jerk because I figured something out, I'm going to try and help new users of the RX with these important tips: Hold the cup firmly with one hand, and slowly loosen or tighten the blade.

Before putting the blade housing on a cup, check the gasket. Has it already come loose? Is it laying flush in the housing? It should fit snugly around the center ring, in the groove. If it has come off it isn't easy to get back on. When I purposely made it come off, it took a minute or two to get back on. I actually had to hold the ring in 2 spots while using a chopstick to get it back on.

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See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention easy to clean every day nutribullet pro works great frozen fruit stopped working protein powder easy to use absolutely love use it every highly recommend much better love love love even though fruits and veggies piece set times a week used it a few times flax seeds almond milk. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

After two years of making two green smoothies every day, my original Nutribullet finally, well, bit the bullet! My husband and I rely on this thing, I even make green blends for our dogs to go with their raw diet, so it was no question that I would immediately repurchase! Unless you like big, unblended chunks of kale and spinach.

The Nutribullet blends everything ultasmooth, which makes it much more pleasant to drink. The gets the job done even better than my origanal! If you're looking to perfect the art of green smoothies you can't go wrong with this blender! And if, like me, you had the first all the blades and cups fit this model too! Ps, here's my favorite recipe made in the small cup: I really love this thing.

It's easy to clean, not huge and breaks down food very efficiently. I wasn't getting enough veggies and basically my diet was a disaster. I've been blasting for a week and my skin tone and energy levels are already better and I have lost a couple pounds. Losing weight is a good thing but my goal is to improve overall health. I have digestive issues which make it difficult to process veggies in their native state. Customer service is the most frustrating I've ever encountered. I LOVE this product.

If it had never broken and I didn't have such a bad experience with customer service, would be leaving 5 stars. So, I will begin by discussing the good aspects of the product. For context, I was previously blending using a regular counter-top Osterizer blender, which is large and left chunks of fruits and vegetables and clumps of powder despite me mixing and shaking between blending and had to be taken apart to be cleaned.

I am mainly blending fruit and vegetable smoothies, and also planned on using the Nutribullet to make baby food when that time comes. The size is perfect.

It takes up barely any space on my counter. I have very limited space, so this was essential to me and definitely an upgrade from the Osterizer. It blends everything and anything I put in it. I may have to hold for up to a minute, but it always comes out just as smooth as I was hoping for.

It is SO easy to clean. I literally just rinse the cup and the blades with water and put on my drying rack. No taking anything apart. I love that it comes with extra supplies, even though all I actually need are the big cup and main mixer and then pour into two glasses. I love the large cup.

It is perfect for making a smoothie that serves both my husband and I. The only con - and honestly, not even really because I liked that it is smaller, is that sometimes I wanted to make a serving smoothie and it is too small for that.

But I specifically bought it for its size so I can't even say this is a con. Just keep in mind that you will only get 8-oz glasses out of this is you fill it to the max line. Now, to the point: One day after about 1 month of use, it stopped working without any falls, breaks, etc. I put it in, pressed and turned as usual, and nothing happened. They told me to call them back after if it wasn't working. This would have been fine, except the wait time for a representative is about an hour, and that's if you don't get disconnected while waiting.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, my husband and I tried calling about different times, each time waiting at least 30 minutes, and ultimately either getting disconnected while waiting, or leaving a number to be called back and never getting a call back until after I submitted a customer feedback form on their website expressing my frustration and disappointment.

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