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The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients — green tea, Meratrim, ChromeMate, and caffeine. Consult with your doctor before taking. The extra sugar is not a quality source of calories. I have a long way to go, but I really think this will be a lifestyle change. To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. Axe on Facebook 2. Additionally, the customer reviews on Ideallean are pretty impressive — with the majority of negative comments pointing to gross texture and flavor.

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Mix 1 scoop with ounces of skim milk, almond milk or soy milk. Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Muffin, 16 ct.

See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention skinny jane weight loss skinny blend almond milk protein shake highly recommend tastes great best tasting lost 5 lbs lose weight skinny burn protein shakes cookies and cream meal replacement protein powder lost 5 pounds keeps me full tastes great skinny cleanse peanut butter. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. I have been using Skinny Blend for approximately 3 weeks. I have lost 11 pounds without really adding much exercise to my diet. I use the two shakes per day and a normal meal with my family in the evening. I can honestly say I do not feel hungry at all. My energy level has increased too. The best part for me is how well my blood sugars are doing on this product.

Because I am diabetic, I have to be very careful with what I use. I would definitely recommend Skinny Blend to others to try. Also Steve Pickering, the founder, took the time to personally thank me for my orders and business, even including expedited shipping so I could get it sooner over the holidays.

What have you got to lose? Feeling like Skinny Blend is going to be the only one I will be ordering going forward, good-bye Isagenix and shakes. Skinny Blend shakes taste good not great , fill me up and give me a burst of energy. When I'm hungry, I can eat and eat and eat!!! I get cravings crazy-intense cravings!!! Shake one up with 6oz of water, twice a day and my cravings are about gone.

FYI, when you buy Skinny Blend, you don't get a shaker cup. Not a problem for me as I have at least 6 shaker cups from my Isagenix and purchases. I haven't weighed myself--holding off of the scale as I know I have gained weight during the five months I was on Isagenix. I've used Isagenix, and have purchased multiple canisters from Target and GNC can't even remember the names of the ones I didn't order on line, thrown out shortly there after, tons of wasted money!!!

If I'm ordering something I keep it simple, don't like the added calories or sugars - mix and drink, end of story did also not give me any burst of energy and did not fill me up.

After drinking one, I was searching for something to eat within the hour They gave me a great burst of energy and honestly thought I was going to be on Isagenix for life. I don't even want to calculate the enormous amount of money I spent on Isagenix products only to have gained weight.

That may not sound like a crazy amount but when you look at the two very small scoops you're adding to water? It's mostly sugar and, for a sugar addict like me, that is an insane amount of sugar. The only "magic" formula I used in addition to exercise was keeping my sugar intake as low as possible. I tried Isagenix thinking "well maybe the sugar in their formula won't affect me" NOPE, my weight gain made that clear.

So down in the dumps about my 10 pound weight gain, I went searching the internet again for a quick, convenient new diet plan and came across Skinny Blend. Have been using the shakes for about a week and feel very hopeful! Continuing to eat tons of vegetables, lean proteins and my protein bars and feeling good. The feeling good part is vital, perimenopause is a nightmare.

When I get brave enough to get on the scale, I will repost on my weight loss. I'm 5'8" and currently up to about lbs Just placed my second order to make sure I don't run low. Fingers crossed Skinny Blend actually makes me skinny!!! I love skinnyblend strawberry. I've tried to many different low carb protein powders and a lot of them tastes chalky but skinnyblend does not.

I usually blend it with a few frozen berries and coconut milk but it's nice even when just blended with water. I don't stir it in a glass as I like it to be a little more "airy" which it only gets in a blender or blender bottle.

I have tried other shakes never have liked them. Couldn't even force myself to drink them!! I tried Skinny Blend I mix it with water and ice I purchased a 2nd bag so I don't run out Sweet potato is one of the most nutritious foods, easy to mash and digest. Also, it is healthy and tasty. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A beta carotene , vitamin C, copper, manganese and vitamin B6. Also, they are a good source of potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, phosphorus and are low in saturated fat.

Sweet potatoes can be given to your baby as boiled and mashed. You can also prepare sweet potato with milk, sweet potato khichdi, sweet potato pancakes, soups and halwa for toddlers. Pulses are high in calories and help your baby to gain healthy weight. Moong dal and urad dal are easy in digestion and are a really healthy option for your child. Pulses are rich in nutrients, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Pulses are low in fat and high in fibre. Dal khichdi, dal soup, dal chilla, dal halwa. Avocados are rich in healthy fat and dietary fibre. They also provide essential minerals and vitamins. You can give avocado to your baby after 6 months of age. Start with the avocado puree or mashed avocado for babies. For kids, you can add avocado in shakes, smoothies and desserts like ice creams. Khichdi is a one-bowl meal that has a perfect balance of nutrients.

You can start feeding your baby khichdi after 6 months of age. Perfect blend of pulses, rice and ghee make it a healthy choice to feed your baby. Eggs are high in protein, saturated fat and are packed with minerals and vitamin A and B Egg is a good source of choline, which helps to regulate the nervous system and brain. You should consult your doctor before introducing egg to your child before 1 year of age. Start with egg yolk yellow part when your baby is 10 months old and give the white part of an egg only when the baby completes one year of its age.

In such cases, consult your doctor immediately. You can prepare boiled egg, scrambled egg, egg omlette, egg rice or french toast for your child to have. Butter is one of the richest sources of fat. Butter provides the necessary fat, cholesterol, Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. You must stick to unsalted butter for your baby. You can prepare butter sandwich for your child.

And, my son loves to eat butter, so, I add some butter to chapatis like a spool full of butter and he eats it happily.

Sometimes, I have to hide butter from him to avoid overeating of it. Whole wheat is rich in dietary fiber, proteins, antioxidants, minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium. Whole wheat can help your child to gain weight. Sometimes, a child might have wheat allergies so, you need to check the allergy symptoms and stop feeding wheat to your child and consult the pediatric if you find any food allergies. They are loaded with energy, calories and nutrients. Fruit juices have a good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

You can prepare mixed fruit juice by adding more than one fruit together like, add oranges, pomegranate and pineapple together. You can maintain its sweetness and tanginess by balancing fruits. Like, add pomegranate with orange to make a perfect juice. Fish is considered as a best source for omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to develop brain. Fish is also the only dietary source of Vitamin D. Fish is one of the top allergenic foods, so consult with the pediatric before introducing fish.

Whole cream dairy milk can help your child to gain weight. Milk is a natural source of calcium, protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Cheese is a good option for your baby and it is packed with calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 and phosphorus. You can start giving cheese to your baby at 8 months of age after consulting with the pediatric.

Cheese is an ideal food for babies who require a calorie rich diet to gain weight. You can give cheese as Finger Food. Take a small piece of cheese, cut it into small pieces and give it to your baby as a snack. You can offer cheese to your child having the dairy intolerance. The milk protein is largely broken down in cheese so it can be tolerated so people having dairy products allergies can tolerate it. Olive oil contains good fatty acids, which help your child to gain weight.

It also contains the high amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, dried apricots, peaches and seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkins seeds, flax seeds contain healthy fat which can help your child to gain weight. You can add dried fruits in cereals, porridges, milkshakes, desserts and seeds to breads, salads, and snacks.

You can prepare mix dry fruits powder to add in milk. It will increase flavor and nutritive value of milk. If you are a non- vegetarian then meat can be a good option for gaining weight. It contains the essential amino acids, fat, protein, iron, zinc, and selenium. Red meat provides an easily absorbed form of iron for your baby. Hope your baby is gaining appropriate weight. Hi…my baby is 19 month …. Thank you for your response.

Her weight is starting to lose until now she has 5. I am so confused. Now as she has completed her 6 months, you can start introducing solid foods to her. Eventually, her weight will start increasing. Wait for some months then you can talk to paediatric if you are not satisfied. How much weight your baby has right now? See, in the initial months, baby gains weight very fast. And after 1 year of age, your baby will gain weight very slow. Each child is different, some babies eat less and some eat much.

Just give healthy food to your child and work on his immunity rather than the weight thing. This is what I personally experienced and understand.

Hope you get my point. Much love to your child. Have you tried to include the suggested foods in her diet, one by one. You will not get the results in day one, but eventually healthy eating will help her to grow a healthy weight. Dear Anupriya, here can be the multiple reasons of appetite loss. But keep your baby hydrated.

Include shakes, smoothie, water, juices in her diet. Let her body heal properly. So, consider your baby healthy. Yes, the average weight of an 11 months baby boy can vary between 7. Your baby weight is not below average but you can improve his diet to increase weight. Tryout the foods as suggested in this article. Hii my son s 14 months old …he s premature baby wid 1kg birth weight..

My boy is a healthy eat… all the food mentioned he eats except avacado.. His other developments areally good… he is active interactive and social.. His birth weight was 2. For me, if baby appetite is good, baby is happy, active and healthy then we must consider a child good in growth.

Some kids are skinny by genes while others are chubby. Its okay, if he is not having avacado. There is another advise that I seek… oats… I used quaker white oats ia it the right one or there are separate baby oats?? Just to clarify if oats reduces his weight?? Oats is a high fiber food, help your baby in healthy bowel movements. Baby weight also depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. Thanks but my question is that is there any side effects if I should give my daughter all the food rice,dal, boilvegetables mixed in mixture.

There is no harm in mixing the already tested foods and your baby doesnt have any kind of allergies with any food. I would suggest you to avoid forceful feeding that wouldnt help you in long run. Selffeeding always works great in long run. How much your baby weight is? When you started the solid food? Is your baby exclusively on breastmilk or you are giving topup milk too? Hi, my daughter is 8 month old and refuses to eat anything except milk and oreo biscuits. Kindly suggest what to do.

Currently her wt is 8 Kg. If you choose dairy based powders, I would recommend that you get dairy whey. Read the labels carefully, personally I like avoiding any products with artificial sweeteners or flavorings. To find a good protein powder, you need to read the label carefully. Start with the nutritional label, virtually ALL the calories should come from protein and not fat or carbohydrates. Do this quick check, take the number grams protein in a serving and multiply by 4, that is how many calories should be in a serving.

If a scoop has more than or calories then something is wrong, there is either too much fat or too much carbohydrates. Read the label and the list of ingredients of the protein powder and be very wary of any product that:. For most people the only weight you will gain is FAT. Marketing people here are preying upon the ignorance of people here to make a bundle of money:.

Yes, their product will make you gain weight but so will a bucket of sugar and sugar is a lot cheaper.

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