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I was mostly feeding my body with empty calories along with the biggest culprit of it all: I love the easy operation and the powerful blending. Already spilled twice with little protection. I made a meal supplement with it last night and a healthy NutriBlast this morning for breakfast. Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender. Slojoroam, July 11, Tspa, May 30,

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The thing users seem to like most about juicers is the immediately consumable juice they produce. Users also frequently mention that the taste of juice from an extraction juicer often tastes better because you are tasting only the juice — not the rind or pulp of the fruit or vegetable you are using, which can sometimes be a little bitter.

This also makes juicers a little better at extracting from produce that can be a little trickier to blend completely or taste a little odd when blended whole, like leafy greens, or root vegetables like beets or carrots.

What are the downsides? Cleaning a juicer is a notoriously time consuming process. Also, if you do decide that a juicer is the machine for you, be prepared to sacrifice some counter space. Most juicers are sturdy, standing machines that will probably have to remain out rather than stored in a cabinet if you plan to use them any frequency. This is the common question! Fortunately, the answer is simple — it is completely up to you.

In the battle between Nutribullet vs. Both machines do what they are made to do, and very well. Similarly, a juicer might make juice that is thin enough to drink immediately, but it would lack the healthy fiber that reducing the entire fruit with a Nutribullet would produce.

What might be considered a problem for one person might be what another person finds a benefit! The choice is really yours.

More Articles Best for Green Smoothie. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ. Top 5 Smoothie Cups. Best for Crushing Ice. Privacy Policy Contact About. I am really impressed. My husband makes protein drinks not smoothies and has just been using a shaker. This is so easy to use that he just puts the whey and milk in the nutribullet to mix it. I wasn't about to let him use the blender that I had to take apart and clean every time. This is a great product that lives up to its claims. Except I'm not so sure about the claims of how healthy the drinks are- they are no more healthy than what you put in them.

Blending ability - ease of use - clean up- all 5 stars. Tspa, May 30, Okay for very light, short term use. Had mine for roughly a year and a half. While it was operating, it worked well. I used it sparingly when I wanted shakes or to blend up some vegetables to drink. Unfortunately, it stopped working all together. I did everything I was supposed to do: Upon calling, I was made to feel like I was dumb and that I was lying about what I was telling the operator.

Wasn't a comfortable or helpful situation. I was thinking that I would finally be able to get a replacement for a malfunctioning part delivered or something to that effect, but not at all. I said no thanks and that I would rather spend my money on a Vitamix that actually backs their products and has excellent customer service.

DerekD21, June 16, Love this NutriBullet Pro I purchased this during a sleepless night I saw the informerical and logged on to Walmart. I couldn't be happier I would definitely recommend this to everyone. So far I've only really used the large colossal cup I find this large cup provides a shake that keeps me full for hours. I love the concept that all the food I consume is broken down in such a way that my body can easily digest the shakes and efficiently use the nutrients from all the healthy veggies.

I recently purchased the PRO model and have been making breakfast blends each day. I love the easy operation and the powerful blending. I add a little green tea, a spoon of yogurt and protein powder. The fruit dominates the flavor of profile. TrishMush, September 8, This little bullet works like a charm. We are making delicious healthy smoothies at lunch. Losing a little weight and feeling great!

It conked out on me once but I over stuffed it I think. Pipebo, September 8, We replaced our high speed blender with a Bullet about a month ago. We are so very pleased with the ease of use and the power it elicits to finely process our smoothie add-ins.

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