Healthy Food for the Nervous System

The way you eat has a monumental impact on the central nervous system

9 Ways On How To Strengthen Nervous System Health Naturally
Omega-3 fatty acids also inhibits overactivity of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates certain areas of the brain and can cause excessive buildup of cellular waste products. Cognition simply means mental functioning — concentration, decision making, problem solving abilities, reasoning and learning. In addition, it helps eliminate electromagnetic radiation that we absorb from continuous contact with electronic devices. Eat foods rich in omega-3 such as salmon, cauliflower, spinach, Brussels, canola oil, chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, sardines. List of healthy foods to lower triglycerides levels in your body.

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The Nutrients That Aid in Normal Nerve Function

William Kelley — who cured himself of pancreatic cancer was a prime example of a sympathetic dominant type: At the opposite end of the metabolic spectrum are people whose parasympathetic nervous system is dominant. Extreme parasympathetic dominance such as may occur in someone genetically predisposed whose diet does not suit them can result in symptoms such as severe mental and physical lethargy, tendency to weight gain and allergic reactions, among other symptoms.

When people who tend towards parasympathetic dominance are healthy, they are generally creative, easy-going individuals. Most people have neither extreme sympathetic dominance with the associated tendencies to develop constipation, high blood pressure, and become short tempered but are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum; and in this DVD Dr Gonzalez outlines these other metabolic variations.

For any practitioner who would like to learn the basic principles of the system of metabolic typing developed by Dr. Kelley, this DVD offers an enjoyable introduction to this topic. Gonzalez has also produced another DVD on the enzyme treatment of cancer, intended for health professionals. It is also suitable for people who are considering metabolic therapies approach for cancer — or any other health problem — to watch so that they can learn the basics of this therapeutic system.

But dark leafy vegetables break down homocysteines with the help of folate and vitamin B and B6. Food for Brain and Nervous System Whole grains: Whole grains and brown rice contains vitamin B6 which can break down high levels of homocysteines that is responsible for mental deterioration.

Whole grains also contain magnesium that enhances cognitive functioning. Food for Brain and Nervous System Cocoa: Chocolates Help You Lose Weight. Food for Brain and Nervous System Nuts: Nuts like almond and walnuts are a great ingredient for maintaining blood vessels.

The Omega 3 fatty acids present in walnut also enhance the mind and the antioxidants present in nuts lowers cholesterol. Health Benefits of Munching on Walnuts. Food for Brain and Nervous System Garlic: Garlic can prevent aging of the mind and improves the cardio vascular system too.

Garlic too contains antioxidants that fight infections. Food for Brain and Nervous System Olive oil: Olive oil contains antioxidant polyphenols that lowers high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

Nutritional deficiencies in these nutrients negatively affect your nervous system -- they can cause nerve damage and lead to a range of symptoms. Foods especially rich in brain-friendly nutrients help your nervous system function at an optimal level.

Vitamin B-1 or thiamine plays an essential role in the maintenance of nerve health. Chronic lack of vitamin B-1 in the diet can lead to nerve dysfunction, causing symptoms that include pins and needles in the toes, burning foot syndrome — a painful condition wherein the feet burn constantly, especially at night — and muscle wasting. The nervous system requires vitamin B-6 to produce serotonin and dopamine, two important neurotransmitters involved in nerve cell communication.

Healthy dopamine levels play a role in the reward system in your brain -- the region that affects how your body reacts to food, as well as other compounds -- while serotonin promotes mental health. Good dietary sources of vitamin B6 include potatoes, bananas, fortified cereals and chick peas. A vitamin B deficiency harms the nervous system and can cause symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the feet and hands.

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