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Inhabiting the Gut of Marine, Planktonic Copepods: Among the many reasons for being a vegetarian are health, ecological, and religious concerns, dislike of meat, compassion for animals, belief in non-violence, and economics. The flavor used for the promotion was Barq's Root Beer. Some copepod females solve the problem by emitting pheromones , which leave a trail in the water that the male can follow. Views Read Edit View history. Their excretory system consists of maxillary glands. But it is specially designed for people who are committed to a long-term weight loss plan.

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The Slurpee machine has a separate spout, or spigot, for each flavor at the front of a tumbler or freezer , from which spigots they dispense their own Slurpees.

When Slurpees were first introduced, the dispensing machine was located behind the counter, and the clerk dispensed the product. Common flavors are frozen Cherry, Coke , and Mountain Dew.

But new flavors are introduced regularly. In the Slurpee's early history, flavors rotated much more frequently than today. In , Dallas-based Southland Corp. As a result, the US chains became more efficient, though 1, stores closed. Following the Japanese model, the new 7-Elevens set up a weekly system to monitor inventories to ensure popular items are always in stock.

Canadians purchase an average of 30 million Slurpee drinks per year. Manitoba was crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World for the nineteenth year in a row in The rest of Canada sells an average of , per month, which makes Winnipeggers the world leader of Slurpee sales. Unlike their counterparts in America, Canadian Slurpees do not contain yucca extract which gives it the airy consistency American Slurpees are known for.

Most Slurpee flavors are certified kosher " pareve " and halal. In - 66, Icee transitioned to Slurpee in 7-Eleven stores and sales. By the spring of , Slurpee machines were in all 7-Eleven stores. The Stanford Agency created a "media blitz" to launch Slurpee and flew agency staff to all Top 40 markets with 7-Eleven stores to introduce Slurpee and the comedy commercials with funny voices and sound effects that told stories about the Strange Things That Happened To People Who Slurp.

The agency backed the Slurpee launch with a very large media budget. DJs used "drops" or snippets from the "crazy" commercials in their programs to gain audience share. The campaign became an AM radio sensation. The Stanford Agency followed the Strange Things launch with a campaign that threw away product names like lemon-lime, cola or what have you, and instead created weeks of: These commercials were even more popular.

Each flavor had a pin associated with it. The dance side was written by Tom Merriman, one of the fathers of radio jungle production. The B-side was a comedy bit detailing "strange things" that happen to people who "slurp" at 7-Eleven.

The record is considered highly collectible today. I have a new fav spot. If you haven't been here, run! The Shawarma is some of the best I ever had! We loved the variety of salads offered. Everything was fresh and delicious. A gem in West Boca!

Great food, great service, and never disappoints. Even in the off season, the food is fresh and the place is never empty. The food was simple but tasty. I am on a very restrictive medical diet and the owners were more than helpful with offering me food choices. The shawarma and falafels are delicious. Students with special dietary needs are encouraged to contact the Resident Dietitian, Jessica Perry jessica. A healthy environment, community, and café menu are vital to the well-being of our guests.

Many of our guests have a high level of interest in health and nutrition. Emory Dining has several programs to support students and guests in making choices to improve their well-being. Emory Dining uses a unique tool, the Well-Being Indicator, to support students and guests in making healthier choices. Menu items featuring whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are rated highest and produce a fuller arrow.

Items with more saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar are scored lower and show a less full arrow. Look for the Well-Being Indicator on menus throughout our cafés and online. Learn more about the Well-Being Indicator. For students and guests who need to take their food to go, Emory Dining offers full nutrition and ingredient information on all of our house-made Grab and Go items.

Learn about contemporary nutrition topics and gain a better understanding of the impact of food choices on personal health with the Food for Your Well-Being Program.

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