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He magically appeared and tells me that he apologizes because he did not listen to the phone call with me and the other agent. This would apply to every diet system — not just yours. Talking to Veneta recently was like talking to a recording. Independent Herbalife Distributor Get a real woman as your spokes person please. There are countless recommendations and recipes.

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You get ahead at this company only when you're loud, unprofressional, obnoxious and inconsiderate of others.

Instead of putting so much energy into "the customer 1st" approach, they need to concentrate on "the employee 1st" approach. Supervisors are inexperienced somethings that only got management positions by kissing up to the other supervisors. They say they are offering "incentives" for when you push their crappy product on to people but then the employees never see them due to technicalities in their numbers. It's a call center where every minute of your time is monitored and you aren't really "counseling" people like they say you are Turnover is very high.

Pay was excellent at first on pace to make 90, first year but job is very very easy to get burnt out on. HIGH rate of burn out. Company cares very little for its employees. Employees often left in the dark on issues involving their pay and other serious issues. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Are you sure you want to replace it?

View All num of num Close Esc. How does your company compare? Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros The harder you work, the more you will make. Cons nothing bad to say about this job. I have documentation of weight and blood work showing where my Primary Doctor, employed by the Dept.

I was sickened by these comments. I found Nutrisystem to be very healthy and balanced! I do implement other foods in my diet as well. Thank you for your time. She talked me into placing it on hold until Jan 4th. I told her with all that was going on I might forget to cancel on that date if need be. She says oh no we will call and remind you.

I call and tell them what happened and told them I received no call they informed me they sent a email which I received no email. Later I was going to start the program again but now no way would I…They lie and treat you as if its your fault…Bad company to deal with.

I am very disappointed with nutrisystem. You give a money back guarantee if you do not like the product for any reason, which you have no intention of honoring.

I just received my first order of foods last week which immediately made me violently ill. My primary care told me to stop using nutrisystem immediately and not to try it again. Ok no problem, I did just that. I called to cancel my food order, told the customer service person what the physician recommended, so she tried to get me to use the food without the sweetener. I told her the doctor told me to stop not to try a different version.

What about the money back guarantee and the free shipping What a rip-off. So now I have to go and find a fed-ex dealer and return the foods. I would recommend that people do not use this service, their word is not to be counted on. To me their score is a 2 out of a 10, they shipped relatively quickly and they at least answered the phone when I called.

It went downhill after that. Unhappy in Texas, S firmin. Here is one dissatisfied customer for you Nutrisystem. My complaint and suggestion is about your customer service.

You either need to train them better or replace all of them, as they are absolutely useless. I then contacted Nutrisystem customer service and asked if there is ANY other way of making payments for my future orders. I still wanted to continue ordering, but wanted to have more control over when my money is leaving my bank account. Instead, the customer service representative Richard, called my house and left a message that he is canceling my orders and my membership all together. If that is how you treat all your customers, the competition must be feeling very lucky.

The terms were as follows:. Offer good on new Day Auto-Delivery orders only. With this offer you receive an additional discount off the Full Retail Value and free shipping Continental U. With Auto-Delivery, you are automatically charged and shipped your Day program once every 4 weeks unless you cancel. You can cancel Auto-Delivery at any time by calling Call or see website for details.

Cannot be combined with any prior or current discount or offer. Limit one offer per customer. I was offered free delivery on my second order only and but not any consecutive orders. I feel they should have honored the e-mail and website offer as stated. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I feel it was false advertising and if I had not called to verify, I would have been very upset when my second order was billed. Why does your advertising on area television list a telephone number with the last four digits replicated as: They lie and say you will received your order in 4 to 10 days….

NurtriSystem needs to learn from Amazon or let Amazon run their company, Amazon knows how to get millions of products to customer in 1 or 2 days! I asked to move up my delivery date… well your company failed us!!!! I have call 5 times first 3 people hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I called last week on Thursday to inquire about having the date for my next shipment moved up. The young man I was speaking with said — and I quote: We can ship tomorrow!

And then, why did the person I spoke with on the phone last week so cheerfully and assuredly tell me the shipment would be processed the next day???? I want the shipment shipped ASAP, including the frozen portion. And because none of this was my fault, but yours, I want it shipped at no extra cost to me via the quickest possible shipping option available.

Your ad with Marie Osmond defies logic. She mentions how women always talk about how they look in terms of losing weight. Then she says for her it became about how she felt. I would get rid of that ad agency…they need to take a class in logical reasoning. I may be a stay at home mom with an old marketing degree but even I can recognize that irony! I have used the Nutrisystem program on and off for years. Originally started when they had clinics with medical teams that monitored your vitals, blood and conducted healthy lifestyle meetings for members to attend.

However, it is an investment in your health and the overall benefits you can achieve are worth it. I would suggest that potential customers do proper due diligence before picking up the phone. In terms of the food, I personally like the combination of frozen foods as it adds variety. There is something to be said about creativity when preparing the foods — from adding healthy toppings to pizzas — to adding spices and making deserts into something fun and satisfying.

There are countless recommendations and recipes. Frankly, I have never had a problem with customer support, delaying an order, or flipping plans because money was tight. Lastly, Nutrisystem makes every effort to help customers transition, eat regular foods, right-size portions and use the products as needed to stay within guidelines for a healthy weight.

There are two kinds of people as far as I am concerned…. Educate yourself, involve your doctor and transform your life in positive ways. As a new customer that is very dissatisfied with Nutrisystem messing up my order that I paid extra for. I can repack it and pay to shop it back. I ordered low sodium and they went ahead and shipped it.

As a business owner myself I would never tell my customers to live with it. I would suggest others look up the amount of sodium and preservative pouches. No more rubber muffins for me. They are on incessantly. I either change the channel or mute the TV. Could you please find a different way to advertise your product?! After I found out that she may be singing at the Trump inauguration, I was extremely displeased that she represents a company and program that I liked in the past.

I also called QVC and complained that they should remove her from advertising your product. I cannot buy from someone who aligns themselves with Trump.

He and his administration stand for everything that is bad in our country….. Wow, whatever happened to freedom of choice? Is Marie Osmond the only person that eats NutriSystem, because we are all pretty much sick of seeing that conceited face and the mirror that you so conveniently placed so we could see her butt.

Surely there must be another celebrity you could use. I joined via phone after hearing the TV commercial about the guaranteed Fast 5 program and the rest of the 35 day program. I did not consult the web site before signing up. The sales person did not say anything about being obligated to a second shipment and did NOT inform me that I must call back within 14 days of receipt not 14 days on the diet if I was not satisfied.

I did the Fast 5 and continued on with the program. The food was marginal and some was almost inedible. But I carried on. I did not lose any more weight but did begin to put fat on my belly over the 15 days of the diets. It was definitely not working and I was definitely NOT satisfied.

I called the a counselor and he wanted to put me on a calorie diet and told me that I was obligated to a 2nd month of food. I said NO and demanded my money back and refused to allow a 2nd shipment. We argued for quite some time. I told him I had never been informed of being committed to a 2nd shipment and that I had never been told that the satisfaction guarantee only was good for first 14 days after shipment.

I wanted a full refund. Again, I had never gone to the website. He then transferred me to someone that agreed to a refund for the remaining food.

I told him that I wanted a full refund. The next day I returned 20 days of food via UPS at my own expense.

I am not satisfied because I did not lose weight and put on belly fat. We also help persons overcome fears such as bridges, a…. Diet Doc Weight Loss 9.

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