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The Diet-Heart Myth: Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Are Not the Enemy
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Carbs Are Your Friend

My Thoughts on Orange Theory Fitness After One Month

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As a bonus, un-burned sugar gets stored as fat around your organs too; awesome. What does that leave for carb intake? Fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Fruits contain moderate amounts of fiber and sugar. One serving of fruit contains around 20 grams of carbs, which is mainly sugar.

Two caveats about fruit; try to keep it to one or two portions a day, and steer clear of fruit juice. Juice is stripped of the fiber of fruit in its natural state, allowing the sugar—usually in higher amounts—to rush into your system, making it practically like soda.

Vegetables contain varying levels of carbs. Root vegetables generally contain more, but usually have a higher glycemic index number too; use them sparingly. You should eat leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables to get a significant amount of your carbs. You should also receive a modest amount of your carbs from nuts, an ounce or so a day.

You also need to employ a bit of timing for your carb intake. If you decide to avoid grains and sugar, this should be fairly simple. However, there are root vegetables with high to moderate carbs such as carrots, beets, and potatoes; also non-root vegetables such as squash, peas, and corn, among others. If you were to eat a lot of fat, with a bunch of carbs simultaneously, your body would primarily burn the carbs. If you feel the need to carb out, try to make it a low fat meal.

In summation, high carbs and protein: High fat and protein: High carbs and fat: High carb items should only be consumed in the absence of fat, or with only a trivial amount of it. It would behoove you not consume more than what you need for energy and glycogen storage. This range will bring on ketosis, this is when the body transitions to burning fatty acids instead of glucose.

This range can be useful for short periods of time to accelerate fat loss, but too long and you will start to drag. Encourages weight loss, insulin production is low, and fat burning is increased. This range is good for slow, healthy cutting. Slow weight gain happens here, along with the development of chronic health problems. The analogy here would be a lobster slowly boiling in a pot of water. This level of intake is out of bounds and no good for your health, even if excessive cardio and training will prevent weight gain.

As you may be starting to figure out, there is no one size fits all prescription here. We are all different weights, we have different activity levels, and we have different fitness goals.

For my diet, I cycle in and out of different states to sustain muscle and hormone production while burning fat. I fast on Wednesday. Then I switch to high protein, low fat, and 75 grams of net carbs on Thursday and Friday.

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