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Freemasonry in Cinema
Lee's obsession leads him to become erratic and abusive towards his long-time girlfriend Kay Lake, who is also one of Bucky's close friends. The Shadow Effect Genre: Video is unrelated to the product. Chicken Soup for the Soul Genre: With his team huddled around him in the Indiana locker room, digesting his postgame remarks, Tom Allen reminded his players of the all-important truth. The Current War Genre:

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They also led a Bedford man to make a life-saving decision. With his team huddled around him in the Indiana locker room, digesting his postgame remarks, Tom Allen reminded his players of the all-important truth. Edit Article Add New Article.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Save. More from this section. Louisiana Tech scouting report: Playing time increasing for safeties Peel and Bernard Indiana has a Ball, cruises over Cardinals Aaron Rodgers expected to play vs. The groundbreaking graphic novel 'Sabrina' tackles the disconnection of our times Arizona Wildcats find groove, give Kevin Sumlin his first win as UA coach. Released September 28, Members of the lodge wear fezzes and vote in a manner burlesquing that used in Freemasonry.

Produced by William LaBaron. Story, dialogue and music by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby. Directed by Melville Brown. The film Chemical Wedding is a fictional story about the resurrection of the 20th century occultist Aleister Crowley. Written by Bruce Dickinson and Julian Doyle. Best described as a low budget horror flick, Chemical Wedding fulfills every expectation that that description creates: The story of the film is fairly straight forward.

A professor of theology at Cambridge University is involved in a virtual reality experiment which goes horribly wrong and becomes the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley. Crowley comes to rebuild the temple in three days and perform a virgin birth. He regards the impregnation of Isis by a reed as the greatest form of sex magick and seeks to recreate the event through a chemical wedding with a red-headed woman. Well he was a 33rd degree mason you know and an ex director of the CIA.

Sandra Bullock, as justice department lawyer, Alice Sutton, says: Other references, if intended as such, are less obvious. Directed by Richard Donner, written by Brian Helgeland.

A set of five art films with numerous masonic references. Directed by Matthew Barney, written by Matthew Barney. Edward Andrews as real estate agent, George F. Directed and written by Richard Brooks. Novel by Sinclair Lewis Fox, MGM, min. Arnold Schwartzenegger plays a former police officer who carries an amulet. They await the return of the dark angel to earth. Directed by Peter Hyams, written by Andrew W. The cornerstone of the Barstow Courthouse displays a square and compasses.

Although there is a report that in a later scene a friend of Erin tells her that her husband is out at a lodge meeting, your editor has been unable to find this scene in the DVD release. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, written by Susannah Grant. Although there are no overt Masonic references in this movie, anti-masons and those unclear on the distinction between real-world Freemasonry and the iconography of the conspiracy mythos see a private club as representing a masonic secret society.

In one scene a character is seen sitting in a throne-like chair, the back of which is surmounted by a globe over two eagles. Also, themes of secrecy, secret socities and an underlying sense of the Illuminaiti are deeply woven into the films subtexts. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Arthur Schnitzler. Directed by Mike Hodges. Forces occultes Occult Forces — subtitled The mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen is a French film of , notable as the last film to be directed by Paul Riche.

The film tells the story of a young deputy who joins the Freemasons in order to reestablish his career. In the process he learns of how the Freemasons are conspiring with the Jews and the Anglo-American nations to encourage France into a war against Germany.

Presented as a modern day who-done-it, The Freemason is one part detective film, one part murder mystery wrapped in a cloak of mystery and secrecy. This film does a tremendous service in expressing the meaning and association of being a mason in a classic film noir format.

A wealthy banker lies ritualistically and brutally murdered. Teaming up with veteran homicide detective Leon Weed Sean Astin , they suddenly find themselves thrust into the cryptic world of Freemasonry- pitted against a killer searching for a legendary relic, shrouded by hundreds of years of myth and mystery. Implicates the Craft as being responsible for the Whitechapel murders in London. The many masonic images and references places this movie in the category of intentional anti-masonry.

USA, English, min. This camp cult classic follows a young Stephen Dorff in a backyard adventure that leads them to opening a literal gate to hell. To close it, he and his companions consult a heavy metal record album liner notes on how to close it, which is where we run across the square and compass as part of the ritual notes. His victim, black activist Medger W. Evers, is shown in his coffin with his Order of Elks fez placed on his chest.

This fictional film echoes several events of the Italian P2 scandal. At the beginning of the film, an inebriated Henry Hobson Charles Laughton returns home the worse for drink and his eldest daughter, Maggie, says:. Shortly after that the lodge is mentioned again when a business associate pays a visit and is told the owner is not down for breakfast yet by Maggie who says:. Starring Charles Laughton, John Mills. Directed by David Lean.

Colour, Dolby Digital Action. When Betty Grable returns from what she had expected to be an Elks Lodge convention [ During a police interrogation, accused murderer Dick Hickock says: Only you people call them clubs. Elks, Masons, Boy Scouts. Secret this and secret that.

Robert Blake, Scott Wilson. Directed and written by Richard Brooks, Truman Capote book. A drunken derelict in London finds himself being pursued by a corrupt cop after witnessing a murder and stumbling onto a high-level international conspiracy. Although there are no obvious masonic references, conspiracy theorists who have done a frame-by-frame analysis of the video release claim to observe many masonic symbols and references.

Costner is also, without citation, alleged to be a Freemason. Directed by Oliver Stone. But their popular association with Freemasonry in fiction requires that their use in this movie be noted on this page. Directed by Simon West, written by Sara B. Cooper and Mike Werb. Colour DeLuxe , Dolby Digital.

The square and compasses appear four times: No other reference is made to Freemasonry. Based on a graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore, who also gave us From Hell. A masonic funeral is briefly seen through a window. Later, the young doctor shows the main character a drawing incorporating the square and compasses and an all-seeing eye [ Directed by Alfonso Arau, written by Laura Esquivel.

Novel by Laura Esquivel. While not explicitely masonic, freemasons will recognize a common masonic pun. Corrupt sheriff Charley Wade, played by Kris Kristofferson, is identified as a mason by his ring as the movie begins.

Stephen Mendillo, Stephen J. Directed and written by John Sayles. British diplomat Robert Conway and three others crash land in the Himalayas, and are rescued by the people of the mysterious, Eden-like valley of Shangri-la.

It told me all about the origin of the masonic symbols and science and…. Edwin Hodgeman as Dr. Dealgood, the announcer introducing the fight between Max and Blaster wears a square and compasses image on his shirt front.

Frank Thring, as the Collector, wears a lapel jewel that may be from a concordant masonic body. Directed by George Millar. Unrelated to the story, the square and compasses symbol can be seen once on a mausoleum in the cemetery scene and once on a building on Main Street in the later half of the movie.

Directed by Frank Darabont, written by Michael Sloane. Based on a Rudyard Kipling story. Mercenary soldiers convince Kafiristan tribes people that they are gods after discovering masonic symbols on religious artifacts. Sean Connery, Michael Caine. Directed by John Huston. Listen to an interesting discussion on the film from an episode of Masonic Central at the Movies. Almost masonic is the stage backdrop which includes a number of symbols one of which is a compasses over a laurel.

The movie ends with a rain of frogs. Reilly, Jeremy Blackman, William H. Color DeLuxe , Dolby Digital. A former FBI profiler moves his family from Washington DC to Seattle, where he joins the Millennium Group, a mysterious organization of former law enforcement officers, committed to battling a crime wave which grows as the turn of the millennium approaches.

And now a letter, a hotel registration book, and a series of photographs, which could add up to divorce, premature retirement, and possible criminal proceedings for a company director in Bromsgrove. S… thank you… to stop us from revealing: The name of the three other people involved, The youth organization to which they belonged, and The shop where you bought the equipment!

Color Eastmancolor , Sound Mix: Directed by Stephen Sommers, written by Stephen Sommers. As he investigates, he finds that the Ripper has friends in high places, implicating freemasons. Christopher Plummer, James Mason. Directed by Bob Clark.

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