The lymphatic system and cancer

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Digestive System
Since the lymph is derived from the interstitial fluid, its composition continually changes as the blood and the surrounding cells continually exchange substances with the interstitial fluid. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See, you and I, we go to sleep every single night, but our brains, they never rest. The mouth is responsible for this function, as it is the orifice through which all food enters the body. Circulatory System Diseases There have been witnessed many mild and fatal diseases of cardiovascular system which not only have adverse effects on its functioning but may also lead to the death of victim. But our most surprising finding was that all of this, everything I just told you about, with all this fluid rushing through the brain, it's only happening in the sleeping brain.

What is the Immune System to Your Health?

How the Immune System Works with a Diagram

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