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What are the disadvantages and advantages of the gold exchange standards?
While there are a number of advantages to following a diabetic diet, there may be a few disadvantages for some people. Join the Diabetes Forum Join the Newsletter. What are the advantages and disadvantages of burger food? What is the advantage and disadvantage of boiling food? Advantages and disadvantages of fast food?

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Food Exchange (US)

More vitamins can be added into the food. Can put in natural pesticides to stop bugs from spoiling the food. Plants can be engineered to grown anywhere, anytime. People say it's "not natural" therefore it can't be good for you. But that's personal opinion. There are much worse things for you that people do to themselves ie: They are frequently engineered in such a way that they require more synthetic fertilizer, do not produce a seed for future crops and can contaminate organic crops, destroying their organic nature.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of foods? The advantage of having food is life, that disadvantage of not having it is death. Advantages and disadvantages of food braising? Braising can make meat and stews very tender and rich in taste but the prolonged heat can also reduce the nutrient i.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exchange rate fluctuation? The fluctuating nature of the exchange threat poses a threat rather than an oppurtunity however you can benefit from the rise or fall of exchange rates by investing in derivative securities?

GM food is genetically modified to have more advantageous properties. This means bigger crops, better resistance to pests and deseases. The are not many disadvantages as far as I know, but they are a touchy subject with the general public for some reason. What are the disadvantages and advantages of the food colouring? Advantages - Taste from appearance Disadvantages - Allergic reactions to food colouring, some people don't like artificial additives.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of boiling food? Improved texture for some people Food can be kept for longer unlike uncooked food Disadvantages: Normally reduced vitamins such as Vitamin A and D Costs more then uncooked food. What are the advantages and disadvantages of homemade food? An advantage of homemade food is that it is much healthier for your body, but a disadvantage is that it won't keep for a long time because there are no preservatives in it so it spoils much easier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages in processed food? They are worse for you, especially if you have allergies to certainfood additives, as they contain more preservatives. Advantages and disadvantages of food? Advantages- It can taste very good and make you happy. Disadvantages- It can make you fat and die, and unhappy. What are advantages and disadvantages of drying of food? Advantages and disadvantages of covenience food?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GM food? The major disadvantage is that farmers in LDCs will have no other choice but to buy GM crops, which are oftn sterile. This means that they cannot keep the seeds and will have to keep on buying the produce, which is expensive.

Advantages and disadvantages of exchange rates? It keeps the money flowing around the world. Currency is no different. You can lose your shirt, house, family, etc.

Leave it to people with a lot more time, money and some really fast computer trading systems. Advantage and disadvantage of managed floating exchange rate system? The advantages of this are that the floatattempts to combine both the fixed and flexible exchange ratesystems, depending on the instability. Less instability, lessintervention is needed; grater instability more is needed by thecentral banks and less freedom to pursue independent domesticmonetary policies because of the frequent uses their money suppliesto calm disturbed foreign exchange markets.

One of the biggestdisadvantages of a managed float is determining the timing andamount of the instability and the necessary intervention.

Advantages and disadvantages of finger foods? An advantage of finger foods is that you do not need a utensil such as a fork or spoon to eat them. This makes them very versatile for different occasions. A disadvantage is that finger foods can dirty your fingers. Frozen foods-advantages and disadvantages? Advantage- You still have veggies when not in season, it's fast. Disadvantage- Not as healthy as fresh veggies, more expensive. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional food?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spiral heat exchanger? Advantages Efficient use of Temperature Difference The fully countercurrent system TYPE-1 is able to exchange heat even if temperature difference is extremely close. Most effective saving energy is possible. Low Fouling Self Cleaning The rotary current of spiral heat exchanger possesses the property of scraping off and spilling the dirty sedimentation stagnation solid.

Even though scales adhere to it, the cross-section of the adherent part becomes smaller, the flow-speed would be quickly and bring the function of self cleaning by single-pass flow. Optimum flow speed can be gained by selecting the most suitable spiral channel. High Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient can be achieved. Easy Maintenance The heat transfer part is easily accessed and checked.

It is possible to easily do by removing the cover of the both ends, for the inspection of the inside. The maintenance cost of Spiral Heat Exchanger is much lower than others. Plant space can be saved and plant initial cost can be saved. What is advantage and disadvantage of street food? The advantages and disadvantages of food additives? Advantages and disadvantages of healthy food? Healthy food has a lot more advantages than disadvantages!!

Advantage and disadvantage of food delivery system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 different types of food service system? One of the 4 different types of food service systems isconventional. Advantages to this is that it is convenient, food isprepared and eaten in the same place. A disadvantage would be whensomeone does not have time to stay and have a sit down dinner.

Anadvantage to cook and chill food service is that it can be preparedahead of time when time allows. A disadvantage is the need toreheat the food. An advantage to a commissary is that it allows youto pick up a prepared meal and then take it home, to a meeting, oreven a picnic.

The disadvantage to this is that you cannot eat yourfood right away, you have to travel with it. Assembly food servicebrings pre-cooked food to you.

An advantage is that this allows youto feed large groups of people without having to cook the foodyourself. A disadvantage is the need to re-heat the food. What are the advantages and disadvantages of slow food?

It also requires a little bit of time, skill and patience to make slow food taste good. What are the advantages and disadvantages of stirring foods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of food adulteration? The advantages of food adulteration includes a better appearance inthe food and may increase the selling price, but these advantagesonly affect the producer of the product. Disadvantages include theincreased risk of illness and allergic reactions due to theinedible products that are added.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of resturent food? Faster No clean up Waited on Disadvantages: What are the advantage and disadvantage of food courts? There can only be two types of food courts: Advantages and Disadvantages of small food courts: It depends on where the small food court is located, if it is located in a rich or a developed area then the rich people would not care about varieties because they need comfortable space to sit.

But if its located in a poor or an undeveloped place then, people will not care about space and would come and try and eat various kinds as well as choices of food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of huge, big and spacious food courts: The choices of food is limited. So, again it depends on where the big food court is located. So, if the big food court is located there then, the big food court might go in profit. So, the big food court might go in loss or may go in profit. I know that the explanation is a bit tricky and confusing, but read again and again, and I assure you that you will find the link.

Hope this will help. What are the advantages or disadvantages insects as food? We can use a greater portion of their nutrients; our gut processes insects better than regular meat, as our ancestors most likely ate more insects than cows. We even have a specific enzyme left over from those times to break down their exoskeleton. Insects produce less methane than meat mammals, so it's better for the environment.

They can be freeze-dried, so they stay edible for much longer, and can be shipped off further away, also to hunger areas. What are the advantages and disadvantages of local food? If you are in a country of the 3rd world it is not secure at all to eat local food, because you don't know how this food would reflect on you health.

So, this is a disadvantage. Meat exchanges could be meat, poultry, or fish, usually in portion sizes of one ounce. They could also include non-meat sources of protein, such as beans or peanut butter. In the diabetic exchange system, meat is further broken down by the amount of fat it has, with higher-fat sources eaten less frequently. Carbohydrate or starch exchanges usually include grains, breads, cereals, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. On some exchange lists, carbohydrates might be broken up into more than one category.

Grains, cereal , and pasta are often combined in one exchange category, which may or may not include bread. The serving size for a vegetable exchange is usually about 0. Fruit exchanges are often smaller than what most people in the United States think of as a serving size: Most plans call for a generous number of fruit and vegetable exchanges, since they tend to be low in calories. Exchange systems are flexible and easy to follow for most people.

The key to following an exchange system is to observe portion sizes, and not go over the recommended number of exchanges. Anyone can follow an exchange system, but diabetics should consult with a dietician, preferably one who specializes in diabetes , to find the best food exchange list for their needs.

Kamchatka - I think what ellaesans is trying to say is that Weight Watchers would be less likely to participate in a food exchange program because they have pre-packaged food products and pre-packaged meals.

Jenny Craig will normally let you make the choices based off a points system which is much closer to a real food exchange. There are also diabetes approved food exchange lists in some cases.

I would naturally assume that Jenny Craig is more of a participant rather than Weight Watchers because Weight Watchers has it's own "line" of food.

For example, your carbohydrate exchange list would allow you to exchange one carb for another rather than using Weight Watcher's predetermined meals where all the nutrients and vitamins are already predetermined and included. Does that make enough sense? Kamchatka Post 1 So would I be correct in assuming that weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig and weight watchers would participate in a exchange or diet food list?

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