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Madeline Zima 33 Tits, Ass. Kirsten is a hoot. It's a New Day I am especially proud of the added half inch in those quads!! Denise Richards Wedding Gown. Outfit of the day, if you dare!


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Hoping NOT to need a corset for my dress. I am choosing to break the mold by not getting a traditional wedding dress. Plus I am tall for a women. For now this is the dress I have chosen.

Will post pics of myself in it once it gets here. Glad to say I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of thee almost 5 lbs.

As you see I am classic skinny fat with the large majority of fat at the midsection but still managed to cut those numbers down and lose over half an inch on the waistline while increasing ALL other muscle groups. I am especially proud of the added half inch in those quads!! Have a great day!!

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