10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function

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I have a 15 foot one also bit with the mini I can watch TV and not get sun burned. Hands clasped behind head. Maybe applying light pressure around the belly. He invented the Chi Machine to enable the human body to gently sway from side to side in a figure of eight the same way a goldfish swims , with absolutely no pressure or stress to the body as in traditional forms of exercise where the body is normally erect. Because HRV screening gives an indication of the role stress is playing in your health, it is an excellent screening to do in conjunction with an EDS screening. The best time to do dry brushing is in the shower before washing yourself when your skin is dry. Practices like tai chi and yoga that coordinate the breath with movement can be especially effective at reducing the state of constant hyperarousal, which is detrimental to digestion and lymphatic health.

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It includes a complex network of vessels, ducts, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, the adenoids, and the tonsils. Lymph fluid is propelled by breathing and other muscle movement as it is transported through many filtration points known as lymph nodes. The lymph nodes contain collections of white blood cells lymphocytes that identify and help destroy harmful pathogens or toxins. The lymph must flow freely to ensure that waste products and fluids do not build up in the tissues.

The lymphatic vessels act like a giant drainage system for the body that needs to stay clear for it to work properly. Stagnant lymph flow leads to waste and toxin buildup, weakening immunity and leading to a wide variety of health issues. Almost every part of the body can be affected by poor waste removal in the lymphatic system. When your lymph drains become congested you may notice:. If you are experiencing symptoms of lymphatic congestion, it may be time to decongest your lymph system.

Opening up your lymphatic channels is also crucial before you jump into any other type of cleansing program. As with any cleansing or detoxification program, be sure to check with your physician before making changes that are appropriate for you. The lymph must deal with the body's "waste products" that are produced internally like dead cells as well as toxins that are introduced from the external environment. Systemic inflammation creates congestion and swelling in the tissues, which impairs lymphatic flow.

Oxidative stress damages the lymph vessels and breaks down their ability to effectively transport lymph fluid and wastes.

Therefore, it is important to reduce your exposure to chemicals in food, air, personal care products, and water while increasing your intake of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients to prevent damage. Opt for an organic, anti-inflammatory diet filled with green leafy vegetables, cruciferous veggies, omega-3 fatty acids, and herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, and garlic. Avoid processed additives, chemicals, and artificial ingredients.

Lymph fluid is about 95 percent water and becomes thicker and less fluid when you are dehydrated. In fact, one of the most common causes of lymph congestion is dehydration. Stay well-hydrated by sipping warm purified water throughout the day to help keep your lymph flowing well. Avoid sugar-laden soft drinks, processed juices, sports drinks, and alcohol, which add an additional metabolic burden on the body as well as too much caffeine, which dehydrates the body.

A sluggish digestive tract also congests the lymphatic system. Ayurvedic medicine teaches that naturally red foods like berries, pomegranates, cherries, cranberries, and beets keep the lymph moving freely. Beets are particularly valuable as they help thin the bile for healthy fat digestion, scrub the intestinal villi where the lymphatic vessels originate, and help keep the lymph flowing.

Incorporating raw foods into your diet is another way to keep the lymphatic system healthy. The naturally occurring enzymes and bioflavonoids in raw fruits and vegetables help to break down toxic buildup and free radicals while fiber promotes regular elimination and cleansing of the intestinal villi to keep the intestinal lymphatic system healthy. The lymphatic system does not have a built-in pump like the heart, which propels blood through the circulatory system, where it gets oxygenated, filtered, and circulated.

Therefore, the lymphatic system relies on the contraction and relaxation of the muscles and joints to move the lymph. The rhythmic tensing and relaxing of the muscles during physical movement wring out the tissues and propel fluid through the lymphatic channels. Laughter and deep breathing involve movement of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles that help push lymph through the vessels.

Dry brushing and lymphatic massage also help to support healthy lymphatic flow in the skin-associated lymphatic tissue. The coarse bristles of a dry brush encourage movement of the lymph and blood in the underlying tissues, which helps move out built-up toxins. Brush or massage your body gently, working toward the heart and paying special attention to the head, neck, feet, breasts, and abdomen, where lymphatics are concentrated.

Enjoy benefits every single day - best time of day seems to be first thing in the morning before breakfast to kick start the body for the day ahead. May use after dinner, before bedtime, to relax and de-stress the body. Consistent use creates cumulative healing and maintains health. When would NOW be a great time to begin? The original, known as the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, was created after 38 years of scientific research by acclaimed Japanese scientist Dr.

Inoue before being invented in HTE is Dr Inoue's exclusive choice for international distribution. Not sold on Amazon. Passive Aerobic Exerciser and Therapeutic Massager for all ages and body types. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine maintains and promotes general health of the body via passive physical stimulation, with no side effects, no drugs, no invasive procedures , no risk of injury.

Daily movement of the body is the foundation of health and wellness on multiple levels. Green logo indicates authenticity of the Original Chi Machine. Strong, solid quality, durable and quiet - known to last 15 to 20yrs.

Two year warranty - 14 day Free Trial , money back guarantee. First invented in - the number one best selling Chi Machine in the world. Known to last 15 to 20 years. Sun Ancon Chi Machine , original one set speed, versus imitation machine incorrect speeds. Benefits for all ages 4yrs to yrs, toddlers to grandparents, and all lifestyles inbetween. Famous Australian athlete Solomon Haumono. A great choice for athletes and coaches.

The frail, physically challenged, seniors, wheelchair bound or bedridden: Due to its low impact operation, the Chi Machine is extremely valuable to those who through age or physical limitations have reduced activity. These people in particular benefit tremendously from the gentle motion of the machine and the additional oxygen which stimulates mental focus. The machine temporarily relieves muscle aches and pains enabling seniors to be more comfortable and mobile, allowing you to spend quality time with your grandparents and loved ones, both mentally and physically.

Some of us hate exercise, it's exhausting. Bloomberg Ranking - Healthiest Countries in the world have high levels of physical activity, eat healthy natural foods, small portions, low stress: Obviously, unhealthy acid diets, sedentary lifestyles and high stress, plus prescription drug dependency and poor health care systems, all need to be looked at and dramatically transformed.

Perfect for days when you can't be outdoors. Simply lie down and relax. Hands clasped behind head. This position exaggerates the curves of your spine and will impart a stronger motion to your spinal column. Sedentary lifestyles are not conducive to health and fitness. Inoue , Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health association, spent over 38 years researching the relationship between body movement and the body's natural oxygen levels and requirements.

Inspired by an exercise incorporated into the Martial Art of Aikido, named the goldfish exercise, he discovered that the undulation of the goldfish's spine, released the required oxygen the fish needed to survive.

He also noticed the flexibility of the spine due to the very specific side to side motion which is hard for humans to duplicate on their own accord. Japanese engineers worked with his concept and created the technical design for the original Chi Machine which uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results through the specific figure of eight motion, and one set speed, exactly as envisioned by Dr.

Inuoe so as to receive maximum health benefits. The actual side to side goldfish motion massages and stimulates the Autonomic Nervous System housed within the spine, further promoting rest and relaxation. The Stretched Back Position - Palms facing up.

Lymph can only be moved around the body as the result of physical activity. Samuel West - Chemist and Lymphologist. Australian Scientific Clinical Trials. Simple, portable, comfortable, convenient and easy to use, anywhere, anytime. Arms relaxed by your sides, palms down. Benefits - particularly good for releasing tension and relaxation. Meet the creator, Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue - questions and answers - back health and your autonomic nervous system. Known to last yrs. Available v or v -.

Ages 4yrs - yrs. Let the machine do all the work , in the comfort of your home. Same price - Request a shipping quote. This website is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual medical advice which should be obtained from a qualified health practitioner. Chi Machine International does not claim that any HTE product presented herein will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.

Always ask questions, research everything. Disclaimer - Copyright - Privacy Policy. Chi Machine Benefits include muscle pain relief, increase in local blood circulation and oxygen via gentle motion of the entire body, energy increase, mental focus, stable back support alignment used lying flat , promotes lymph drainage as documented in Australian clinical trials , internal massage, physical and mental release from tension, fatigue and stress, the promotion of deeper, improved breathing , balance of the autonomic nervous system and relaxation.

When the machine stops, a unique rush of Chi energy is felt from head to toe. The Original Chi Machine is the result of 38 years of medical and scientific research by renowned Japanese scientist Dr. He invented the Chi Machine to enable the human body to gently sway from side to side in a figure of eight the same way a goldfish swims , with absolutely no pressure or stress to the body as in traditional forms of exercise where the body is normally erect.

This motion may also be compared to a masseuse holding your ankles and swinging you from side to side after Japanese Shiatsu massage.

Even land mammals try to duplicate this very same motion Inoue - a multiple of the average pulse rate 72 and the cerebro-spinal pump rhythm 12 synchronized with heat rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment - creates a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave-like motion throughout the entire body in a perfect figure of eight.

Faster or slower speeds will throw off the figure of eight and cause imbalance, lessening the benefits of cycles. Intentionally designed to accommodate all body-types taking into consideration all ages, height, weight and health status.

The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is for virtually everyone including stressed parents, hyperactive children and unfocused adults, students that need mental focus, office workers that sit all day, everyone that lacks energy, hard working construction workers and manual laborers, athletes, military personnel, the physically challenged, and sedentary senior citizens.

Knock out your competition with this secret weapon! The Sun Ancon Chi Machine may be used for warming up, enhanced performance, mental focus, and to cool down after engaging in athletics, body building, martial arts, dance, ballet or yoga. Increased oxygen promotes dissipation of lactic acid from sore muscles if used after a workout session.

Everyone can find benefits: Computer workers with fatigue, muscle pain and disrupted sleep patterns, exhausted physical laborers, those who endure long hours of commuting, sales people on their feet all day, chiropractors needing to relax their patients, children lacking mental focus, adults who simply hate to exercise but want to, anyone that needs to calm their body down from daily physical and mental stress No pressure placed on the spine.

This is the original Chi Machine, known as the Sun Ancon. All other 'Chi Machines' are imitations.

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