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Just try WS and see for yourself compared to Medifast.. It's finding a plan that one can stick to.. All one needs to do is to simply choose a meal plan and log what they eat on a daily basis. I didn't like the food enough to keep going. Sign Up for HighYa Newsletter Get our free how-to guides and tips that will help you become an informed consumer, save money, and shop smarter.

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After you've lost the weight, you receive information and encouragement from a trained Medifast weight-control counselor. Medifast also offers hour web support with an online community and phone support with Medifast nutritionists and customer care. According to the Optifast website, weight loss varies, but most people lose more than 50 pounds in 18 to 24 weeks.

On the Medifast plan, you are expected to lose 2 to 5 pounds during the first two weeks of the program, and then 1 to 2 pounds each week thereafter. Weight regain is very common following a very low-calorie diet, according to the Weight-control Information Network, making the maintenance portion of these two programs very important. After you lose the weight on Optifast, you are taught how to reintroduce regular food into your diet while continuing to use the meal replacement products to help with weight maintenance.

You also continue to receive ongoing support. On Medifast, once you've hit your weight-loss goal, the counselors determine your maintenance calorie needs and help you balance your daily caloric intake with three real-food meals and three Medifast meal replacement products each day. Jill Corleone is a registered dietitian and health coach who has been writing and lecturing on diet and health for more than 15 years.

Corleone holds a Bachelor of Science in nutrition. How Does Medifast Work? Program Basics Both Optifast and Medifast plans are divided into three phases: The Meals During the weight-loss phase of the program, both Optifast and Medifast use meal replacement foods to help you reduce caloric intake to to calories a day. Support Optifast is a clinic-based weight-loss program. Weight Loss According to the Optifast website, weight loss varies, but most people lose more than 50 pounds in 18 to 24 weeks.

Helping You Keep the Weight Off Weight regain is very common following a very low-calorie diet, according to the Weight-control Information Network, making the maintenance portion of these two programs very important. It works, but it was a lot slower than Medifast has been, and I never did get to my goal on NS.

Not that it isn't do-able. If you stick with any program, it should work. Medifast just fits me better. I personally like that they tell you exactly what and how to eat. Before MF, I needed a huge restaurant meal to feel full. Normal sized meals that other people ate looked like a joke to me. Now I'm eating calories a day and not hungry most of the time. You just can't beat that!

Oh, and that certainly wasn't the case on NS!. Direct him to the website. Have him read success stories. Order a month's worth of food. If the program isn't for you, feel free to move on to the next. It works if you follow the plan.. If you post on an Medifast board of course we are all going to tell you how much we love the diet that is working for us. You will probably get the same thing if you go on boards for other major diets as well..

I will say I tried nutrisystem and didn't like the food. Some do not like the Medifast food but I pretty much like everything. Nutrisystem and WeightWatchers didn't work for me but Medifast does. I don't know if Medifast was just the right time or right place and the others were not but I'm not messing with what works.. Im going to put it to him tonight and go for it.. Medifast is still the best one to choose right?..

I'm guessing so as there is no motivation like looseing lbs quickly. I starved on Nutrisystems. In fact, I gained back the measly 10 lbs I lost and 2 years later gained 40 more. Medifast has been the easiest diet I have been on. I have no desire after 5 weeks to even stop it. The weight loss now leveling out to 2 lbs a week is so encouraging.

I swear I am not hungry on it.. I also tried Nutritional Support and I found the weight loss slow, the plan expensive and the food very distasteful after awhile. WW didn't work for me - too much freedom..

It's hard not to be impressed by the number of people that have lost weight and kept it off with this plan.. I hope you like it and that you do very well with your weight loss!. Keep in mind that with only 30 lbs to lose it will come off slower than someone who has lbs to lose.

I lost 30lbs in one month but I have lbs to lose.. I tried Nutritional Support before. I only lost about 10 pounds and did not like the food very much. I got so tired of eating microwaved food and longed for "real food". That's what I like about MF.

You get to eat one "real meal" a day.. For many people on here Medifast has literally been a lifesaver. Suggest you read some of the inspirational stories and peruse the boards and look at people's tickers - MaryD for example.

I have been on so many diets over the years. Medifast works so fast, you feel fantastic on it and it teaches you control and discipline. I am a restart, day 3, and have already lost 3 pounds. I love MF, do it, you won't regret it!. I think ALL plans work. It's finding a plan that one can stick to..

I did not get this kind of result from any of them, they did not take away my hunger Lindora did, but their program has changed and I did not lose as quickly..

I didn't get that from the others.. Again, I think they all work, it's what will work best for YOU that's important.. Medifast works because you can't cheat. You can't have a taste of your husband's cake at dinner, or just one Girl Scout Thin Mint. You can't have a cheat day.

It throws you out of ketosis and you stall. And when you are losing pounds per week look at my ticker the constant motivation to keep the scale moving keeps you on tract.

And oh by the way, you are learning portion control and healthy eating choices along the way.. How much did you spend on eating out during that time?. The diet program you waste money on is the one you never use.

Jenny Craig requires freezing and refrigeration and takes up much more space. I like Medifast because it tastes good, and it works.. You'll find quite a few people on the board here who are adjusting their goal weight DOWN. I never heard that on other diets.. Why it's better for me and I've been on nutrisystem I found medifast easier to stick to It takes away "choice" which for an addict like myself, choice is not my friend at this point.

I lost 20 pounds on nutrisystem and went off of it.

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